You’re on the road to a better life. 

Tabatha Bird Weaver, LPC, LMFT has been supporting Oregonians with their therapy and relationship needs since 2004.

I focus on really getting to know my clients so that we can custom tailer therapy and counseling to suit YOUR needs.

I specialize in helping women and men reduce stress and  resolve relationship issues (including employment and in-laws!) in order to live a fuller, more satisfying life. The couples I work with usually want to stay together but can’t seem to figure out where they are not connecting. We find common ground on issues, improve communication skills and deepen intimacy.

I am an out of network provider who is happy to submit your payment information to your insurance company, provided they allow it. We usually meet for a 90 minute session the first time – there’s a lot to talk about. After that, most client choose to meet weekly or twice a month so that we keep making progress.  A timeline in therapy is hard to estimate because we are all so different. We will talk about this and how therapy usually works in our first session.


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